Hi! Welcome! My name is Bea, and this is my rather bookish blog!

I started this blog as a catch-all for my bookish and filmish reviews (and sometimes travel-related posts) but over time it has become increasingly bookish. If anyone is interested in my opinion on certain films, I am more than happy to talk about it!

I have a wide range of reading tastes, although lately I have been reading quite a lot of YA or fantasy. I’m trying to post reviews for one children’s/YA and one book that would be categorised as “adult” per week, but that may change! I post reviews on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Sunday’s, I post Five Things lists – these lists are randomly selected topics where I list things. The first Five can be found here, and is about five fictional libraries that I wish were real (so I could go and absorb the awesome). I started this in January. If you would like to suggest a topic (and please do, they can be about virtually anything bookish) please comment below, or find me on twitter at @SimplyBeaH, or on Instagram at @sewbeasew!

I am always happy to take recommendations, and I would love to participate in book blog challenges, so if you see anything, tag me and I’ll try and get involved! If you have any recommendations or suggestions for Five, please comment, and I will try and incorporate your ideas!

My social media sites are:

Twitter: @SimplyBeaH
Instagram: sewbeasew

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