Words can be very interesting, can’t they? Every day, we produce hundreds (sometimes millions if you talk as fast as I do) creating sentences which can vary in tone, and the information conveyed. We have a mental dictionary, and with that, we can create an infinite number of sentences with one letter or word changing the entire meaning of a sentence. It’s fascinating, really. And we use our words to create magical worlds, to describe people, to convey emotions and messages. Human language is, in itself, a remarkable feat of evolution! And language differs depending on where you’re from, even within the same language there are huge differences in meaning of the same words! English, for example, verses American English. German verses Austrian German.

And when we write, we do not have the additional help of gestures or images to help us understand what is being conveyed. Yet, we can imagine what we read, and respond to it in kind. So much of conversation takes place by reading, think of facebook messenger, or chatrooms! You read but you hear it as well.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I am fascinated by linguistics. But I am also incredibly fascinated by messages conveyed through the written word, like fiction. People, places, entire worlds structured from specific combinations of words.

That aside, I love to write, I love to draw. I write what I hear and Draw what I see. Or at least, I try to. Sometimes I look at my drawings, and turn it upside down to see if it looks better. But, practice is key! One day, I will paint a faithful representation of what I see! For now, sketching ruins and churches is enough.

I love to travel, I have another blog, a sewing blog, where I have until recently been posting my travelling adventures. Given how I perceive travelling to be seeing new places and experiencing new things, what is to stop me from describing Stratford Upon Avon with as much passion as I do Munich? Absolutely nothing. Mwahaha.

So this is me, sewcialist, traveller, dreamer of world, lover of words!

Happy reading!


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