About Me

Hi! Welcome! My name is Bea, and this is my rather bookish blog!

I started this blog as a catch-all for my bookish and filmish reviews (and sometimes travel-related posts) but over time it has become increasingly bookish. If anyone is interested in my opinion on certain films, I am more than happy to talk about it!

I have a wide range of reading tastes, although lately I have been reading quite a lot of YA or fantasy. I’m trying to post reviews for one children’s/YA and one book that would be categorised as “adult” per week, but that may change! My posting schedule changes throughout the year, depending on work commitments and the amount I am reading! My book reviews are categorised as On my bookshelf 🙂

The second section is Rambles and Lists. In January 2018, I started doing a selection of bookish lists, like five fictional libraries I wish were real. I also have Rambles on crafting, time and to-do lists. If you would like to suggest a topic for a Ramble (and please do, they can be about virtually anything bookish) please comment below, or find me on twitter at @SimplyBeaH, or on Instagram at @sewbeasew!

I am always happy to take recommendations, and I would love to participate in book blog challenges, so if you see anything, tag me and I’ll try and get involved! I love to hear from people!

My social media sites are:

Twitter: @SimplyBeaH
Instagram: sewbeasew


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