Hi there!

Welcome! It’s lovely to meet you! I’m Bea, a book loving native of the Cotswolds in England who decided to take a break from academic publishing to give adulting a hard pass for a spell.

After years spent reading about new places and admiring photos on Instagram, I decided to pack up and go and see as much as I can before I run out of places to visit or money, whichever happens first (and we all know which one that will be, alas).

I had my first taste of travelling at the end of my first year of university (way back in 2014 – wow time flies) when my best friend and I ventured out to see Paris, Berlin, Rome, Florence and Venice. I loved it and the next year we did an On A Really Short Shoestring trip around Germany. I then didn’t go anywhere for a couple of years for various reasons, and then last year I went to New Hampshire and New York to see a friend and I remembered everything I loved about travelling and it became a question of not if I was going to go somewhere, but where (and when).

I started this blog a few years ago, while I was at university and spending more time than I should have reading fantasy fiction and watching movies, instead of completing my coursework. I continued writing about books while I started working in academic publishing, and keeping a record of my brief foray into the United States in 2018, and mini-adventures in the UK while I tried to work out if I should just say lets go or let’s save up some more first. I figured that if I waited until I had enough money I would never go.

So, now I’m living out of a rucksack with a camera, a kindle and a sketchbook, writing about places I have been, things I have read and things that I find funny that no-one else seems to in a slightly disjointed and wordy way. If you want something sensible and concise then I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is not the blog for you!

I’m currently in New Zealand for the foreseeable future (by which, mum, I promise I mean a year), after getting quite terriffically lost in Bangkok. I’m off to find hobbits, have some adventures, take some photos and do some drawing (and, lets be honest, do some reading as well).

So, what are you probably going to find on this blog? I’ll be honest, you’ll find some long rambling stories about places I have been too, some excited screaming about books and TV shows, and hopefully some adventures! If not, I’ll find something to talk about – probably not in any sort of sensible order…

If you want to keep up real time, I spend more time than is probably useful on Instagram and I’m always up for chatting (honestly, the trick is getting me to shut up. I’m a serial multi-messager!) – so follow me @wandering_bea!

Wonderful to meet you! Here’s to all the adventures we’re gonna have!


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