Well, March has certainly been a month hasn’t it…

March has been a bit …. well… difficult, from a personal and global standpoint. Everything went topsy turvy and I went tumbling with it.

Before *gestures around* all this, I had a ban on buying books. This has since lifted but only really to super cheap kindle deal books in a bid to finally read that stubbornly remaining pile of books on my TBR shelf. It’s going poorly. I can’t find the motivation to read in the slightest – some days I can scarcely decide what film to put on while I knit or sew or make roses out of paper. But that’s ok. Mostly I’m relieved that I came back from New Zealand at Christmas when I did.

In the last however many weeks (I lost track of the days about a week ago but I can’t be sure) I have read Wakenhyrst (because it was on kindle unlimited and I kept seeing it when I went food shopping!) and Longbourn.

I seem to be enjoying slightly fantastical historical fiction at the moment, because if you enjoyed The Familiars or The Foundling you will probably enjoy Wakenhyrst – it’s the same sort of vein if a little more coarse. Oh! I realised about two thirds of the way through why the writing style in Wakehyrst seemed familiar – Michelle Paver also wrote Wolf Brother (which terrified me as a child, you wouldn’t believe the nightmares I had). Either way, Wakenhyrst was good. Good writing, good plot, good amount of suspense. I fully recommend it.

Longbourn, I picked up because kindle deal and I love Pride and Prejudice. I liked the premise of the “from the servants point of view” but if you’re a hardcore Dizzy shipper, steer clear because the Bennett’s are fairly background characters for the most part. I didn’t mind that, it was a good way of doing it but I confess that the book was incredibly slow, and that when I clicked through the large page I was so disatisfied and huffed at the time I had spent reading. It’s all very modern ideals for some regency girls. Which I get, modern audience and all but it was also a little out of kilter. So, good enough but I wouldn’t recommend.

So remember to stay safe, and to do things you enjoy because you enjoy them, not because you feel you have to. If you don’t feel like creating, don’t. Don’t feel like reading? Don’t. Feel like knitting a cactus? Go ahead. This is a crazy time and I don’t know about you but I’ve decided to suspend expectations until further notice. I hope to read another few books over April, but I probably won’t be up for writing about them unless they are truly awesome and I want to scream about them.


  1. March honestly has been a terrible month… even though we are experiencing a global pandemic, we can still look up towards the future and know that the difficult times will pass soon. Just stay inside! 🙂 Great post, Bea.

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    1. Unprecedented times indeed! At the start of our lockdown I thought I’d read a lot more than I did, but then I have knitted two teddies, made a blouse and finished all sorts of projects I had just lying around. Lockdown has been productive for my craft cupboard if nothing else! Stay safe! Thanks Katie 😊

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      1. Knitting is frustrating and relaxing all at once, especially when you start! I love knitting because I find it very calming and also when you finish a project it’s so awesome. I knit lots of teddies in bright colours and I put them on my bookshelf as book buddies! So if you want something to do with your hands while watching tv or listening to audio books I can recommend knitting 🙂

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