Map of Days (Peculiar Children #4 by Ransom Riggs)

I loved the Peculiar Children’s trilogy when I first read it during my Masters course a few years ago, and I was absolutely delighted to find out that Ransom Riggs would be continuing the story. However delighted I was, however, was irrelevant as I would not be buying or reading the book until I could buy the paperback to match my existing collection.

Oh, and I wanted to re-read the books and remind myself of the story and characters first. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last few weeks: re-reading the exploits of Miss Peregrine’s wards in preparation for Map of Days, the fourth instalment in the series. In the time it’s taken me to buy book 4 and actually re-read the original series, a whole new hardback book 5 has come out so I’m still dreadfully behind on what’s going on. Oh well.

In this new book, Jacob Portman is surprised and delighted that his peculiar friends, and headmistress Miss Peregrine have come to Florida, but he quickly finds that everything is not as he expected. Rather than help with the re-building of European Peculiardom, Jacob and his friends stike out in American Peculiardom, following clues left by Jacob’s hollow-hunter grandfather, Abe. But Peculiardom is vastly different in America, and they quickly find themselves in over their heads. Basically.

I confess, I feel quite let down by this book. I loved the trilogy, and I loved them all over again re-reading over the last few weeks in preparation for Map of Days…. but Map of Days itself? It had a very long, very slow, rather boring and frustrating build up to get sort of interesting towards the last third of the book and then end on a bloody cliffhanger. I felt rather relieved when I finally finished the book, rather than end of book sadness.

I’m not sure what it was that made me find it so difficult, the expectations perhaps? Or how the characters felt slightly … off (?) From Library of Souls. Either way, I found it hard going and it got to the point where I was setting up a reward system – if you finish this book you get to read Emma kind of thing. Its a shame, because I was looking forward to this book so much.

That being said, I will purchase and read The Conference of Birds when it comes out in paperback, but it won’t be high up my priorities list for the TBR. I think hope it might be that the initial groundwork being laid in the first half of the first of the new trilogy has more bearing if I continue with the series.

Have you ventured back to Peculiardom?


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