(Re)Reading 2020

I think one of the problems I found with having a book blog is that I forget to re-read books, because in previous years I have been too busy trying to read new books to review on this blog. I’ve had to take several hiatus periods from this blog when I found myself in a deep reading slump.

Every year I tell myself I’m going to read the books on my shelf more, that I am going to re-read my books as well as find new ones. This year, I’ve actually been sort of doing that. I think it helps that a few of the new books I got for Christmas were the latest books in series read years ago, like I got Map of Days, book 4 in Ransom Riggs Peculiar Children series. Number 5 has just been released in hardback, but I will be waiting until that book comes out in paperback to match my set. It’s exciting! But I also haven’t read the Peculiar Children series since I was at University. So I’ve been re-reading the first three books in the series.

And, I had forgotten how nice it is to re-read books that I loved before. It’s been wonderful rediscovering parts of Peculiardom that I had forgotten. Yes, I remembered all the main plot points but the day-to-day? That was new again, new and familiar.

I want to try and re-read more, because I get so caught up in ticking things off my TBR I forget about the books I’ve already loved, or they keep getting pushed down the list in favour of newer books. I’m fairly certain balance is needed. For me at least. I’m going to try and read one new book and reread one book from my shelf. The difficult arises when I am re-reading a series and I suddenly want to binge the whole trilogy in a weekend or something.

We are striving for balance!

How do you do with re-reading? Is it always part of your reading challenges and you never quite get around to rediscovery? Or are you an ardent re-reader and fit new books in? If you’ve got a good balanced system, please let me know! I’m determined to be better and stop neglecting my poor dusty books.



  1. Mostly I have been mood reading. I’ll reread things on occasion though I tend to stick with new books generally speaking what with my ridiculous arc tbr pile. Sometimes, however, for a series I’d reread the first books in order to remember details better. I don’t have a specific strategy though that probably wouldn’t be a bad idea in getting one. I wish you well with your re-reading goals as mine are pretty much non-existent lol.

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    1. Mood reading is the way I usually go as well! Which can be a blessing and a curse because I will buy loads of books along a theme (not too long ago it was greek mythology retellings) but then I’ll have like one book from that pile that sits there for ages because my mood happened to change suddenly and all I want to read is romantic comedies! I agree with re-reading things when new books come out in a series – I should probably re-read the His Dark Materials series before reading the Secret Commonwealth and because I really enjoyed the TV show but I have to wait till the mood strikes unfortunately.
      I say I want a specific strategy but… I’ve never really stuck to reading lists before. My TBR list would be a lot more manageable if I did!
      Good luck with your arc TBR list!

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      1. Circe was good, it’s on my list of books to re-read because I want a bit of perspective now. I also enjoyed The Silence of The Girls by Pat Baker. The Song of Achilles was also good (that’s the one that sparked the binge, if I’m honest). I can’t think of any others off the top of my head, they’re the ones that stuck with me really!


      2. I’ve heard a lot about Circe, and now I guess I have to read it lol along with the others you listed. Currently I’m stuck on cozy mysteries however, and romance novels as they’re easy reads to fly through. I’m also greatly looking forward to Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire. But I will add your recommendations to my tbr for next month! Thank you! =)

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      3. Oh I love the Wayward Children series! My local library only stocked every heart a doorway so I had to read them spread out over three continents! I really love Jack And can’t wait to read Tumbling Down (eventually, when I buy them all for my shelf probably)

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  2. I can relate to what you say, in the past have found the pressure of maintaining a blog and reading challenges have put unnecessary restrictions on my reading or at least in head they do and the result has been reading slumps. These days I am better about controlling the pressure and just reading what I want and that includes re-reads. Actually when in a slump just dipping back into an old favourite can help.

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    1. I hadn’t thought of using re-reads to get over slumps, but now I think about it, I usually re-read Austen when I’m really disenfranchised with reading!

      I always find my slump hits over the summer. I read loads in the winter and I struggle in the summer is the pattern since starting this blog. I try to avoid reading challenges because I know I get so worked up about targets I stop enjoying reading – I set a 52/ one book a week on the goodreads challenge and then don’t worry if I do or do not hit that target!


  3. Honestly, I can relate to this post so much! Sometimes, because of blogging, I see reading as more of a chore rather than an enjoyable pastime. It’s nice just to take the time to reread favorites/classics. Great post! πŸ™‚

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