The Wayward Children Series (I FOUND THEM ALL! And no, they aren’t pokemon…) by Seanan McGuire

Ages and ages and ages ago I found Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire in my local library. I adored it, (review here) and then I found out that the rest of the novella series, nor anything else by Seanan McGuire was in the database. SHOOK. Rather than buying them (which I did contemplate, however space and I have a very tempetuous relationship) I decided to wait until I had a bit more space.

Now, while travelling, I usually investigate the local libraries. It’s a habit that I am no inclined to break. Especially if I am somewhere like Auckland, or Christchurch where they have huuuuge libraries! Anyway. So. Auckland. I wandered in o a bleary day, and what did I find? Two of the Wayward Children novels! Namely, Down Among The Sticks and Bones and Beneath the Sugar Sky. Day made.

Then, in Christchurch, I found Lundy’s story of the goblin market In an Absent Dream. Excellent!

The Wayward Children series is about the children who have been returned to their home worlds after the wardrobes have closed or they stumbled back. The first book is about Eleanor West’s school for such children, a school where they are all waiting to go back to their worlds. The subsequent books feature some of the worlds that are mentioned: logic worlds, rhyme worlds, nonsense worlds. There are recurring characters in some of the books, mostly in Beneath the Sugar Sky.

Each novella is a world of its own, even if they pass through Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children at some point. I love this series so much – I love discovering new worlds, and new characters, and finding out how their personalities drew them to that specific world at that specific time. Its such a rich world, and I am delighted to have read all of them. It has further solidified my determiation to one day have all of the Wayward Children novellas on my shelf in pristine hardbacks. But that will have to wait a little while longer.

Now I have read them all, I can rank them – these are books I think I would always enjoy reading on a rainy day sat in a corner with a blanket and a hot chocolate and (in my daydreams at least) a cat curled up snoozing next to me. My favourite is still Every Heart a Doorway, for introducing me to this world, then I loved Jack and Jill’s story of Down Among The Sticks and Bones. Then probably Lundy’s story of the Goblin Market In Absent Dream and finally the nonsense book of Beneath the Sugar Sky. I’ve heard there is to be a new installment as well, so very excited about that to!

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