Just in cases…. the Case for Multiple Formats…

If I love a book, I seem to end up owning it in more than one medium. In some cases, I bought the book on a kindle deal, adored it and bought the entire series in paperback (A Darker Shade of Magic, I’m looking at you). In other cases, I bought the paperback, and I loved the series so much I bought it on kindle as soon as I possibly could (read: When it went on a deal – I’m sorry authors, I wish I could afford to buy them full price). For some books, I also have the audiobook version, but that’s a lot rarer.

I have recently been going through a massive overhaul of my Things, books included, because I have to downsize again, so I have been taking stock of my books and trying to work out which ones I cannot bear to part with, and those I don’t mind waiting until I have space again to re-buy. I realised, in this overhaul, that I own The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society in three different formats – I have an audiobook, a kindle and a movie-tie in paperback. And I regularly read in one format or another. I had a migraine the other day, and so I put my Guernsey audiobook on quietly in the background so I didn’t have to strain my eyes any further. I’m thinking that Guernsey might be the only physical book I take with me – usually I just take my kindle, but Guernsey and Persuasion are my “just in case the battery dies” novels.

Other books I have multiple copies of are the Six of Crows duology – I have those on audiobook and in paperback, and I’m sure I will have them on kindle before the year is out. I also want a complete Shades of Magic set on kindle as well as paperback soon, I’m sure – although I can’t get an audiobook version because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. The Book of the Ancestor series is also one that I have on kindle and audiobook, with Holy Sister on my shelf (signed). I am keeping an eye out for the rest of Becky Chamber’s novels, and I’ve already got my eye on Christina Henry’s new novel to complete my set, spread across various formats.

Typing this out, I have come to the realisation that every single author there where I have (and will keep, none of those books are going into The Pile) multiple formats are on my instantly-buy list: Queen V (<3), Becky Chambers, Leigh Bardugo, Christina Henry – to a lesser extent Mark Lawrence because I still haven’t got round to reading all his past books…. I guess it’s the ones I want to be able to access at any point, whether I’m on the move or curled up in my bedroom. I also recently managed to get some of my romance books on my kindle, which means I can return the paperbacks to my mums bookshelf (I would say before she notices I stole them, but it’s been several years – she knows exactly where they are).

I like being able to hold a book – but I know it isn’t always practical. I can’t cart around a library when I go on holiday – oh wait! I can! It’s my kindle. I have been steadily building up an impressive TBR list on my kindle and the second I have finished reading all the books I bought eons ago and just “never got round to”, I’ll be tackling the kindle list – including the Game of Thrones Series, the Priory of the Orange Tree, A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and who even knows what else at this point (one-click on Amazon is dangerous). I’m looking forward to it! And sometimes, I like to be able to sit back and just listen to someone tell me a story. It’s so useful when I’m knitting or walking or just when my eyes are hurting.

I think you get different things from different formats – especially audio vs print! I like having different formats of my favourite books, it means I can read them any way I want!

Are there any books you have multiple versions of? Are there any you’d like to be able to listen to as well as read? Do you buy e-books and then buy the print/hardback if you love it (and vice versa)?



    1. I’ve only recently started doing it with audio, and what’s just because of audible. I find them really useful when I have my hands busy – as my other hobby is knitting it does suit multitasking really well! I love having Guernsey on audio book, it’s become my go to for everything!


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