At what point do you give up with a book? What does it take?

I have been trying to listen to Heroes the sequel to Stephen Fry’s Mythos for absolutely ages. Today, I finally decided enough was enough – with five out of fifteen hours left on the audio. I realised that I had been putting Heroes on when I wouldn’t be able to properly hear it – while cooking, or cleaning – and that i was doing this just so I could say I’d finished, rather than actually listening. Where Mythos made me laugh, the overwhelming opinion I felt with Heroes was one of irritation. Hercules has ten labours? Hurry up then. He killed multiple people while in a temper – why are we praising him? And other such opinions. It wasn’t until we get to Jason and the Argonoughts that I realised my irritation stemmed from the fact that all women were victims/dead, seductresses or simpering. And then, we get to Medea – she’s a straight up murdering villain but it’s ok, she’s doing it for Jason! By the time I got to Atalanta I realised I hadn’t really been listening at all, and there wasn’t much point in continuing. I have now traded Heroes in for Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

For me, I will put up with a lot of bad plotting if I like the characters. I struggle A Lot with good plot but bad characters though. One of the very few books I have actively DNFed is The Name of the Wind. Despite being a huge fantasy nerd, the main character wound me up so much that there is a distinct possibility I could have traversed realms just to slap him. He was beyond arrogant amongst other personality traits and I just couldn’t stand him to the point I had to stop reading.

DNF doesn’t happen often for me. I tend to slog through a book I’m not enjoying, because a few books with bad beginnings have surprised me in later chapters. Also, for books I actively dislike, I usually keep reading so that I have an entirely thorough overview of what I didn’t like in my review!

At what point do you DNF a book? I have a friend who stops after three chapters (or the equivalent section if the chapters are super short). I get that life is too short, and the TBR list is too long to read books you don’t enjoy, but what is your philosophy on the DNF pile?



    1. I get it! If a book is taking me more than a week then I wonder if I should DNF but I’m stubborn and I generally end up thinking “i am not giving up now – I’ve put so much effort in already!”. I think I’ve only DNFed three or four books in the nearly two years I’ve been writing this blog! One I gave up on within the first fifty pages but that was due to stylistic difficulties more than anything else! It’s hard. I like ticking things off my list even if I didn’t like it

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      1. I hear you! The longer it takes to read, the more frustrated I become but I’m also then more determined to finished on account of the time and effort invested!! Glad I’m not the only one! 😁 Although I will resort to skimming!

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      2. For books that I am really disliking I have been known to look up the entire plot online to see if it’s worth carrying on! Then I skim. I’m glad it’s not just me! All my friends are proper ‘if it’s not grabbed me in fifty pages I’m not wasting my time’ people!

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