Bound, Book of the Ancestor 2.5 (Mark Lawrence)

Have I mentioned recently about how much I love the Book of the Ancestor series by Mark Lawrence? No? Let me correct that. The first two books in the series are Red Sister and Grey Sister, with Holy Sister due out in April – although I have been sent an advance trade copy to review!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED! but first, Mark Lawrence also sent me this – the 16,000 short story of Nona, Ara, kissing and an “incident” set between Grey and Holy.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy by the author, Mark Lawrence and this is me saying that this is all my own opinions ect.

Title: Bound (Book of the Ancestor 2.5)
Author: Mark Lawrence
Format: Electronic

The goodreads blurb is this:
A 16,000 word short story that sits between Grey Sister and Holy Sister in the Book of the Ancestor trilogy.
The story focuses on an incident involving Nona, Ara, and Regol with support from Kettle, Ruli, and Jula.

This isn’t really much to go on – it’s just a short story dealing with an incident. And, it’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin! It was awesome, and I was reading it in snatches on my phone. It’s very easy to read and because it’s so short, it might be a good sort of thing to re-read.

What I loved most about this is that it is the beginning and confusion and stress of a new romance, as she and the other girls approach sixteen. Except, of course, there’s magic involved so things go awry. This is, as Lawrence has been telling everyone – a kissing story! There are girls kissing and then there is a party and a suspense-filled search for a murderer and MORE KISSING and Ara is adorable and Nona is so confused. Oh, Regol is there as well, the cage fighter who has a huge crush on Nona. And then more kissing.

“And it’s not like I don’t know how much trouble one little kiss can lead to…

Bound: A Book of the Ancestor Short Story

Special appearances by my ship Sisters Apple and Kettle. I loved how there is a canon line that Apple and Kettle often sneak off for some alone time. And then there is Kettle teasing Nona and Ara and Ruli like she’s their older sister and they’re all teenagers and embarrassed. I love how Kettle is just ready to wind them about crushes and tease people. She had a lot of stuff happen in Grey Sister, and I hope (rather than believe) that she has an easier time of it in Holy!

“Sister Pot.” Apple took her hands then released them and turned to make introductions. “Pot, meet Kettle”

Bound: A Book of the Ancestor Short Story

In short, I loved the short story: it was funny and witty and I ship it, and I love that Kettle ships it as well. I am extremely excited to read Holy Sister. I’ve tried not to give much away, so if this review doesn’t make much sense I guess it means you need to go and read the series (or just Bound).


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