So Tell Me Again (Poem)

I’ll be the first to admit that my poetry isn’t gold – in fact, I use multiple styles and it would be a nightmare to analyse, but I quite like this one, so, if you are good at poetry, can you let me know how I can make it better? Thanks

So tell me again
By Bea

A pat on the head and a funny looking smile
What I’d have given to know what it meant,
when people looked over my head,
and I was called rude for asking them why.
But my brother never was.

Called unfeeling, and strange, and impolite,
I learnt over time to just sit tight,
That if I shared my ideas aloud
It wouldn’t be me who’d get recognition,
But the boys would.

As a child I didn’t understand why
I was told to be quiet, to sit nicely
To wear skirts and not climb trees
To not interrupt or use bad words
Maybe I was a boy inside?

I ran track, I played ball, I could beat them at it all,
But at the end of the day, I was still “just” a girl,
And the football pitch is offlimits,
And the other girls don’t want me,
I wonder what’s wrong with me.

And then I realise that nothings wrong,
That I am who I am no matter what.
I like books and science, dresses and football,
And I will achieve what I want
Just you watch.

So tell me again.
Tell me again to “sit quietly,”
Tell me again to “be a good girl,”
Tell me again to “hush dear”,
Tell me again. I dare you.

Tell me again that I can’t do it,
Tell me again its because I’m a girl.
Tell me again to be quiet
Take my ideas, and present them
As your own.

Tell me again, and watch as I rise,
With each condescending comment,
I add a step
And Another
And Another.

So just tell me again
Stand there and comment,
Just wait and see,
Every comment you make
Is another rung for me.

If you think I’m not good enough,
Because I wasn’t born with balls,
Let me show you
What a I can do.
So Tell. Me. Again.

With everything you say,
I will prove you wrong,
Because every reason you give,
Is a challenge to go on,
So tell me again.

So watch and learn,
What condescension can do,
Please don’t stop!
“I’m just a girl” you said,
So Tell Me Again.


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