Paper and pencils and colour confusions

I would never say I was a natural artist. In fact, the only thing I can reliably draw from memory is Olaf from Frozen, and even then it’s been a while. I can copy, however. And by copy, I mean bring a picture up on pinterest, make it greyscale and then sit with my sketchbook and a 3B pencil.

And hence the hope. I’m not awful, I mean, I get likes on Instagram so that must be something! But it got me thinking. I have just finished an A3 of Helena Boham Carter as the Red Queen in Alice and Wonderland (I love that movie so much, so much colour!) and for the first time in over a year I added colour to my drawing. I feel more confident when I am merely using graduated graphite and shading to achieve depth. Colour always confuses me. I don’t mean that in a: what colour is this? I mean, more along the colour combinations confusion. Which of my watercolour pencils do I have to combine to achieve that rather delightful shade of green? Invariably, I get it wrong.

I feel safer in the shades of grey, avoiding colour. But only in art. In life, the brighter the better! I wear bright yellow dresses, red pencil skirts and I make my own clothes in the brightest block colours I can find. I like to stand out. Apparently I have succeeded. While I know relatively few people by name on my course (And this is three years in) a relative many know me. I’m not entirely sure if this is due to the fact I never shut up, I wear bright colours or a numbers circle skirt, or I pop up on the facebook page whenever someone is asking about a specific reference. Either way, I find it peculiar that I am flamboyant and outgoing in the real world, but when I am trying to commit the real world to paper, I invariably reach for my pencils and not my colours.

It’s strange. Personally, I think my doodles look better in black and white or shades of grey (Probably fifty but I have never stopped to count). When I am procrastinating at university I tend to doodle Disney characters (recently Winne-The-Pooh has been popular) so using bright coloured biros to colour them in doesn’t look strange. I really want to try my hand at painting, but I fear my hands aren’t steady enough and my patience not long enough to sustain an actual piece of artwork. I’ll just stick to my portraits and buildings for now! But I do have the whole summer to try and sketch my way to slightly higher heights!

Here’s a few of my recent sketches, and if you want to see more then follow me on Instagram (Because I have a burning desire to show the world my paltry doodles and the beauty of my university) at sewbeasew!

The Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland 2010)

The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland 2010) (Are you sensing a theme yet?)

General Leia Organa (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2016)



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